Rev. Dr. Arlene P. Mazak


SERVICES PROVIDED: Interfaith ceremonies, interspiritual spiritual guidance. Outreach ministry: social healing, social justice, ecopsychology and ecojustice. Anti-racism workshops. Education for religious literacy. Tour leader to international sacred sites. Interfaith council dialogues. Ethno-religious mediation, conflict transformation, reconciliation and peacebuilding

GROUPS MINISTERED TO: Available to a large variety of ethnic groups and religious communities living in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, Southern California. I’ve traveled to Native American sacred lands in several states, and to Mexico and many countries in Europe and Asia, with a special interest in religions, cultures, and civilizations. Academic specialization: South Asian Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, Muslim, and Christian communities:

SPIRITUAL ORIENTATION/AFFILIATION: .Interspiritual meditation, yogic and devotional practices – Hindu, Vajrayana Buddhist, Taoist, esoteric nondual Christian.

BUSINSS ADDRESS: Norwalk, California 90650

BUSINESS PHONE:(760) 317-6827
GRADUATED FROM: One Spirit Interfaith Seminary

Raised Roman Catholic. A life-long mystic since my first holy communion. Attended parochial schools for eight years. Rebelled against the dogmatism of those days. Left the Catholic church at the age of 18, became a spiritual seeker in college years. B.A. Liberal Arts, Sarah Lawrence College. Four year full scholarship. Coursework in philosophy, comparative religions, world mythologies (Joseph Campbell).