Rev. Mark L. Gallup


Individually crafted Earth-centered rituals to celebrate all life passages, including births, weddings, deaths, home blessings, coming of age, and other transformative life experiences. Workshops to facilitate spiritual reconnection with Nature and Mother Earth. Spiritual listening, counseling,and direction. Fire circles and labyrinth walks. Naturalist skilled in observing and interpreting weather, the heavens, the Earth beneath our feet, and ecosystems

GROUPS MINISTERED TO: First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church of Portland, ME and other Area UU churches. Maine Pagan Clergy Association and members of the larger Pagan community in New England. Those struggling with the loss through death of a loved one. All spiritual seekers who come with an open heart and questing spirit, especially those seeking to spiritually connect with nature.

SIRITUAL ORIENTATION/AFFILIATION: Earth-centered/Wiccan; Unitarian Universalist and member of the Church of the Larger Fellowship; affiliated with Earth Ministry, the Covenant of UU Pagans, and UU Ministry for Earth.

GRDUATED FROM: Chaplaincy Institute of Maine

I am an ordained interfaith minister, a 2013 graduate of the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine.  Recently retired, I practiced most of my career as a geologist and engineer. I am married to a woman who is also an interfaith minister and have a son, a daughter, a step daughter, and two grand children.  I currently live in Maine amidst three acres of meadow and forest which are certified wildlife habitat and which form a basis for my ministry.  I am a member of the Interfaith Ministers if New England and the Maine Pagan Clergy Association on whose board I serve.

Affiliated with two local UU churches. I co-lead with my wife a pagan ritual circle. Together with my wife I minister to members of the Pagan community and friends along the lines of the Reclaiming path.