Allied Partner Membership

A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy is pleased to extend the opportunity of a special status membership to non-clergy persons, for those interested in such a relationship called Allied Partners. These members will be trusted resources, presenters, and mentors actively engaged in the sacred arts, leaders of non-clergy tradition, or provide professional services in support of the wider interfaith movement. Together AWAIC Clergy and Allied Partners will serve as an Interfaith, Interspiritual Community Linking Spirit and Service. We invite you to join us via our easy-to-use on-line or downloadable application forms per the links below.

Membership Benefits:

  • A Membership Page
  • A Venue/audience to sell their goods
  • Networking Opportunities.
  • Advertising Opportunities In Our Monthly Newsletter
  • Membership Resources

Other Opportunities:
  • Attend local and international meetings
  • Serve on local and international committees

Allied Partners:
Meet the following criteria: are not ordained clergy yet they collaborate with the wider interfaith community and are engaged in professional practices, or services that may include loyal teachers for our membership, either/and on the website or at conference. They may offer education, skills and/or inspiration from their field or expertise. They support interfaith/inter spiritual education through combinations of the convergence of science, theology, art, music, movement and healing arts. (An Allied Partner may be someone who offers services that include things like Reiki, Energy Healing, Healers, Spiritual Advisors, Spiritual Directors, Councilors who base their practice from a spiritual perspective, inspirational seminars, etc)

Membership Application $75.00 per yearly term.

A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy is an independent U.S. tax-exempt (501 (c ) (6)) organization, to professionally support and be a home for interfaith and interspiritual ministers and allied individual partners in various membership categories, including students, business, and healing arts. We have a variety of cooperative relationships with other independent organizations, including interfaith and interspiritual seminaries and other interfaith/interspiritual organizations in the USA and internationally.

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