Cooperation Partners

Below, we list organizations with which World AWAKE has specific productive and cooperative relationships. The Boards of World AWAKE and CIC-USA communicate regularly, and World AWAKE representatives serve on CIC-USA committees, and CIC-USA representatives presented at the World AWAKE conference. Finally, World AWAKE’s Interfaith Gateway Cooperation Circle which is to serve a supportive function for cooperation circles created by World AWAKE members, is part of the United Religions Initiative’s global network.

CIC-USA is a democratic religious ecclesiastic body of independently-organized interfaith, multi-faith, and interspiritual congregations, communities, and seminaries throughout the United States.

The United Religions Initiative is an internationally recognized interfaith network active in 78 countries with its global office in San Francisco, California. We cultivate and connect grassroots change-makers across religious, cultural, and geographic boundaries, harnessing their collective power to take on religiously motivated violence and social, economic and environmental crises that destabilize regions and contribute to poverty.

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