Who We Are

World AWAKE is a professional organization that serves as a home for ordained Interfaith Ministers, Spiritual Care Professionals and their allied partners. It empowers and supports their ministries throughout the world. We celebrate the Interfaith perspective and philosophy as a way to create harmony and understanding among the world’s religions and peoples.

World AWAKE is a leading organization that:

  • Provides support to Interfaith Ministers as vitally contributing clergy working to enhance and inspire spiritual growth within the world’s population.
  • Acts as a home and support community for Interfaith clergy worldwide, including lay leaders and clergy of other faiths and spiritual paths.
  • Creates and promotes bridges of peace and understanding among the world’s religious and spiritual communities

Our Fundamental Belief:

We hold true that Interfaith embraces the notion that each person and community, regardless of their faith orientation, is following a unique spiritual path deserving of validation, reverence and respect. An Interfaith Minister’s role is that of a bridge builder, communicator, and facilitator, and in being so, to support and help the individuals spiritual journey that is consistent with his/her soul’s purpose.

Our Objectives:

World AWAKE seeks to:

  • Foster opportunities for professional development among Interfaith Clergy through conferences and communications media that encourage and provide information that continually builds the knowledge and skills of Interfaith Clergy,
  • Identify professional standards and requirements of knowledge, ethics, and skill competencies for Interfaith Clergy as they evolve in this field,
  • Promote a sense of community among Interfaith Clergy through the creation and/or recognition of regional and specialty subgroups as they develop,
  • Communicate to the media and general public Interfaith philosophy and teachings designed to inspire greater spiritual growth among the peoples of the world,
  • Encourage the creation and existence of bridges of peace and understanding among the world’s religious and spiritual communities,
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and the discussion of issues among Interfaith Clergy, Interfaith seminary students, and all clergy and private citizens aligned with Interfaith values and principles.

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