Leadership Council

Helping to define and direct the future of AWAIC

Leadership Council is a strategy & philosophy designated toward a group of volunteers from the general membership, who set aside a portion of their time to support the work of World AWAKE. It brings together thinkers, performance practitioners and leaders in an advisory role order to:

  • Expand development
  • Gain insight into possibilities.
  • Connect and create shared space for conversations.
  • Identify opportunities to benefit the membership.
  • Join together for personal and professional development.

Current Leadership Council Members:

  • Foster opportunities for professional development among Interfaith Clergy and Spiritual Care Professionals through conferences and communications media that encourage and provide information that continually builds their knowledge and skills,
  • Identify professional standards and requirements of knowledge, ethics, and skill competencies for Interfaith Clergy and Spiritual Care Professionals as they evolve in this field,
  • Promote a sense of community among Interfaith Clergy and Spiritual Care Professionals through the creation and/or recognition of regional and specialty subgroups as they develop,
  • Communicate to the media and general public Interfaith philosophy and teachings designed to inspire greater spiritual growth among the peoples of the world,
  • Encourage the creation and existence of bridges of peace and understanding among the world’s religious and spiritual communities,
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and the discussion of issues among Interfaith Clergy, Spiritual Care Professionals, Interfaith seminary students, and all clergy and private citizens aligned with Interfaith values and principles.

Rev. Judith Daughn Andrade, RN, DD, RBFP
Clergy Fellow
Services Offered: Wedding, Baptism, Naming, End of Life Services
Palliative Care Services
Services Provided To: Clients in Perinatal Loss
Families facing mental and physical health Crises
Groups Provided To: Hearth Sanctuary
Bio: Registered Nurse
Lactation consultant
Ordained Spiritual Minister SHES
Interfaith Minister (AIHT)
Education: Registered Nurse
Ordained Interfaith Minister
Certifications: Spirit eXpress Program
Memberships: Lead Minister of SHESCan Inc.
RN Consultant to Pathways Elder Care
Owner Discover The Path
Business Location:
3 Dunning Dr.
Alliston, Ontario L9R0B3, Canada
Business Phone: (416) 456-3332
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